Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Five Paratroopers and an Injun....

Just to prove I've not been I complete slacker here are a few things I've completed recently (very few).

Woodland Indian

Fallschirmjager with FG42
Fallshirmjager with Kar98
US Airborne with M1A1 carbine
The Woodland Indian is from Conquest (now available from Warlord). The Fallshirmjager are Artizan and the US Airborne trooper is from Bolt Action (aka Warlord).

The Bolt Action US Airborne are absolute beauties. Packed full of detail, in fact so much detail it is easy to miss some of it. But they are full of character. Mr Hicks did a sterling job on these figures and I'm only now getting round to painting them.

I have actually painted more than this and I'm still working on a project which I intend to complete before posting anything on here. More to follow....

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