Saturday, 3 November 2012

What's this? 28mm Plastic Vehicle from Warlord

Some how I managed to miss this very important piece of news from Warlord Games. Picked up this announcement from this blog johns toy soldiers.

1/56th scale (28mm) SdKfz 251/C halftrack in plastic. The initial release will be a box set of 3 models plus 30 plastic German soldiers retailing at £60.00. According to the article the kit will be released in the near future as a single model for purchase. Does not give a price for a single model but using the box set price as a guide this would give an approximate retail value of £12-15, so potentially slightly less than a resin version at current prices.

I've shied away from 28mm plastic WW2 figures for a while. I'm a die hard must be metal model for me, kind of guy. But with diminishing spare cash to spend on toy soldiers, Warlords offering of multi-part plastic soldiers is starting to look very tempting.

I'm also waiting with some interest for these to be released;

8th Army and Afrika Korp in 28mm, in plastic, in a box! Fantastic!

These will be released by everyone's favourite twins the Perry brothers. No release date yet. Read more here Perry-Miniatures  I personally think they look great and the 8th Army figures take me back to the 1/32nd Airfix multi-part 8th Army models I had as a kid. Apparently the greens were on display at Salute this year. I'm disappointed I didn't go now, but I'll get over it.

Though reading some threads on TMP and similar places, some of the miseries on there are moaning (what people who play with toy soldiers like to moan about toy soldiers, and manufactures of toy soldiers, and rule writers etc. etc! What is the world coming to?) that the Perry's are wasting their time with WW2, and the Desert War at that. How dare they produce figures which some people may not want to buy!!!

Since I already have Fallschirmjager, I'm thinking the 8th Army could be useful for games set in Crete in 1941.

Apparently the Perry's are also going to be producing AWI in plastic, in 28mm of course. So if you are one of those weirdo's who likes that sort of thing it might be of interest. (You know who you are, nuff said).

Anyway I'm busy painting a few different things at the moment, which I'll post up when I've finished a particular little project or part of it. Played two games recently (forgot camera so no piccies), played two, lost two, sulking twice! (S'pose I'll get over that as well.)

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