Friday, 9 September 2011

Woodland Indians

A while back I posted a few pics of some Eastern Native American warriors or Woodland Indians. Well I have completed  a few more for my French & Indian War project (which is sputtering along).

My recent involvement in a AWI campaign sparked my interest in the period again, plus I decided I needed a break from painting WW2 (couldn't face doing any more splinter camo just yet).

Four more.

  With the original two.

I've used mainly GW colours on these with some Vallejo and Foundry. I've also simplified the paint schemes opting for more natural 'buckskin' for clothing and accoutrement's, rather than spending time painting ornate schemes on the bags etc. to represent the decoration of bead work etc.

These figures are Conquest Miniatures. But these particular figures are no longer available unfortunately.

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  1. So how many have you painted now? When do they get an outing at the club? Cheers Stu