Saturday, 16 July 2011

A few more Fallschirmjager

A quick update on the progress of the Fallschirmjager. A few more completed.

I decided to go for the 'lazy boy' approach to these and not paint camo smocks. The trousers on the rifleman have been painted using the Foundry 'Storm Green' palette. The MG34 gunner I used for his trousers, GW Charadon Granite, highlight, Vallejo German Field Grey and finally Foundry Storm Grey the mid colour only) as the final highlight. I'm happy that both colour schemes give that late war field grey effect.

Even attempting to paint them quickly by cutting down the complexity of the paint scheme, each figure is about three hours work. Having usually on average about hour to an hour a half painting time a day (and then not every day), means it takes me a while just to get a squad done, but I'm getting there. As usual figures from the excellent Artizan range.

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