Friday, 17 June 2011


Well after a bit of a hiatus, I've finally got round to doing some painting. Ta-da.......

My first ever Fallshirmjager. As always a test figure first, so I can decide on colours and techniques. This model has been mainly painted with Foundry colours, from their palette range. Some Vallejo and GW colours used as well. The uniform/smock is all Foundry. The trousers are 'Late WW2 Field Grey', which came out a more blue/grey colour, for the ammo pouches and haversack I used 'Early WW2 Field Grey' which is a more Green/blue/grey. Neither were quite what I expected. The smock is painted in the 'Splinter' colours. The helmet I painted in Vallejo 'Field grey' which is a more green/grey colour, and then sponged on desert yellow, to represent the sand colour sprayed onto late war FJ helmets.

Overall I like the foundry range (this being the first time of used it), and will be buying more colours. I haven't been entirely accurate with colours, e.g. the ammo pouches were a more darker grey, as should be the base colour of the helmet. But I figured late in the war, shortages and all.

Anyway, plenty more to paint. Once the camo smock is done the rest of the figure is fairly straight forward. At present I'm still concentrating on WW2, with the intention of splitting the painting between US and German Airborne, vehicles and terrain to keep the interest going.

The figure is from the excellent Artizan Designs range.

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  1. Nice Work, I have the foundry paras which will be early war whenever I do them, only owned them perhaps ten years so far!