Friday, 26 February 2010

P47's Part4 and finally

These P47's are based on the 56th Fighter Group, 62nd Squadron who flew out of Boxted, Essex from April 1944 until the end the war. For more information on this go here-littlefriends.
These models I'm fairly confident represent P47D's not P47M's has I originally thought. For more information on the P47 go here-P-47_Thunderbolt and here-p47.
My choice of the 56th FG was largely based on a recent vist to Duxford Air Museum and seeing a P47 on display in the grey/green colours, but a could not remember the full squadron details. Then on return and looking through 'The Mighty Eighth' by Roger A Freeman, I came across a coloured drawing of a 56th FG aircraft in the relevant camo scheme so my mind was made up. And the rest is history.

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