Friday, 29 January 2010

24th Foot (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment

Some further photos of my 1879 Anglo-Zulu War British. These have now been varnished and bases flocked. In all I have completed 22 infantry in about a month, which is pretty good going (for me!). Tomorrow they will have their first outing. An all day Zulu War game is planned at the club. So I will get to use these for the first time and play a Zulu War game for the first time.

I stepped up to be C-in-C, mainly because no one else volunteered, so should be an interesting day. New figures, new period and a new rule set.

These two fella's will be used as runners. The plan being that I will issue orders as events unfold and will hopefully get them to the individual commanders, to save the day! Personally I think the Zulu players are gearing up to make life hell for the British!

I'm quite pleased with these figures even though it felt like 'speed painting' for me at times. I generally like spending a little bit longer on 28mm figures than I did on these. Which is why I have probably enjoyed painting the 15mm figures recently, I don't tend to be so fussy on the detail on them. I also had no reference books to work from on this project so thank you to Paul and Ade from the club for answering my questions on uniform details. I intend to have a break from the Zulu War for a while and get back to my Flames of War project. Though not for too long Empress are releasing new figures every day!

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